MakeupLady Class 

Have you ever wanted to learn professional makeup tips and tricks?
Whether it be a classic, clean day look or a sexy smoky eye night look, I can teach YOU how to unleash YOUR inner Makeup Lady!
Understanding how to apply your makeup is a skill EVERY woman should know. Unfortunately, for many of us, applying, purchasing or even wearing makeup can be very daunting and intimidating.
My Private Makeup Lessons, as well as Makeover Parties, help all those “cosmetically” challenged women out there to take the stress and confusion out of something that can be fun and creative!
 Private Lessons
Done in the comfort of your home! All we need is a table, a mirror, and an open and curious mind!
Makeup Classes begin with an in-depth discussion about YOUR makeup needs, skin type, current skin care, and makeup routine.
We will then discuss the best color combinations and makeup styles that will suit your features and skin tone.
We will also go through your current makeup collection and I will help you decide which products to keep and which products you can dispose of.
To begin your Makeup Lesson, I will demonstrate on one side of your face step by step how to apply your skin care and makeup (many people like to take lots of pictures and notes- so feel free to do so!) I will also share invaluable tips that will help you to perfect your techniques on the other side of your face. Not to worry, I will be there to coach and assist you every step of the way until you have a firm understanding.
After you have a solid grasp of the daytime look, I will then, with a few simple techniques, teach you how to transform into an evening look and even teach you how to do a sexy smoky eye!
By the end of your lesson, you will be provided with an extensive list of colors, products, and brands you may want to invest in the future.You can even hire me to be your personal makeup shopper!
Feel free to contact me anytime after your lesson with any questions or concerns in regards to makeup, techniques, or specific products we went over. I am always happy to have a good conversation about cosmetics!
Private Lessons start at $250 – Lessons typically last between 3-4 hours
 Makeover Parties
Looking for a fun and memorable way to spend Friday night with the girls? How about something different for that bachelorette or birthday party? Why not host a Makeover Party! Have me come to your home to personally teach you and your girlfriends all the pro secrets.
We will begin with an in-depth discussion on skin care and pro tips for keeping your skin looking its best throughout the seasons.
Each guest will receive a full makeup application of their choice while learning professional tips and tricks that will help them recreate this look on their own.
Your guests will learn how to recreate and customize the latest trends from the fashion runways to work with their own facial features.
Discover new brands that us pros keep dear to our hearts, and why they are must-haves for any makeup maven.
Master the art of contour and highlight and its importance in shaping one’s face to create that youthful glow.
Makeover Parties have a two guest minimum Contact Me for rates.
 Professional Makeup Artist Classes/ Makeup School Toronto
I have been in the wonderful world of beauty for 10+ years. With my experience, I have learned valuable business knowledge as well as advanced makeup skills. My advanced makeup skills allow me to add that special touch for not only my personal clients but also allow me to shine on set for editorials and commercial work. These fine details are what differentiates a good makeup artist from a great makeup artist.
I offer personal makeup classes for professional makeup artists who would like to brush up on their existing skills, or for aspiring makeup artists who prefer private classes. If you would like to learn with a friend group rates are available.
Professional makeup classes cover the following topics:
•Skin Analysis and Skin Care
• Skin Preparation
• Facial detection (applying makeup according to face shape)
• Complexion application
• Highlight and Contouring and so much more.
For a detailed list of topics and descriptions feel free to contact me